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Graduates monitoring results. Data on graduates 2017.

In the informative leaflet the Central Statistical Bureau presents economic activity and employment of higher education institution graduates 2017 as it was at the end of 2018. The data are prepared accordingly Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 276 of June 25, 2019 "Regulations on state education information system"

For the preparation of section on income of graduates in 2018, data of the State Revenue Service were used from annual income declarations, micro-enterprise tax declarations, capital gains tax declarations, payment notifications to natural persons, employers' notifications, reports of self-employed persons, reports from seasonal agricultural workers and reports on personal income taxes from income earned and tax paid by non-residents natural persons in the Republic of Latvia submitted to the State Revenue Service.

Economic activity status and employment was determined using data of SRS and other administrative registers, but unemployed status was determined using State Employment Agency data.

Emigration data was provided accordingly population and migration estimate prepared by the Bureau.