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Datasets for research and study

  • Research data or individual data or microdata are records from surveys, population censuses or registers on individuals, households or enterprises.
  • Study data are sets of strictly anonymized individual data that are equivalent to those used by statisticians, but identifiable indicators have been deleted or changed to ensure the confidentiality of respondents' information.

Research data

Anonymized individual data can be only used for scientific or research purposes, moreover, research result has to assure benefit to all society. > Research contracts

To obtain access to the data, the research application should be sent to the e-mail The research application should be accompanied by a completed form, which should include a description of the research project to be carried out, a justification for the need for indirectly identifiable data for the research work, and the protection of confidential data. Download Form.


Research data catalogue

Study data

Anonymized individual study data are published in the Latvia's Open Data portal: