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Statistical Yearbook of Latvia 2020

The Statistical Yearbook of Latvia is the most exhaustive annual publication of statistical information on the national economy and socio-economic processes in the country. The publication reflects data on 2019, compared to previous years. The yearbook provides information on socio-political situation, economy and finance, population and social processes, sectors of national economy as well as on science and technologies. The publication contains 15 thematic chapters: area, natural resources, environment and weather; economy and finance; business statistics; population; labour market; health care; education and culture; social conditions; industry, construction and trade; transport and tourism; foreign trade in goods; agriculture; science, information and communication technologies. A separate chapter is devoted to international comparisons of Latvian social and economic indicators.

Information in the yearbook is compiled in tables, charts and maps, providing also explanation of the main statistical terms, methodological information on data sources and calculation methods of selected indicators. The yearbook is based on the information available to the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia and other institutions. The statistical information was obtained by conducting statistical surveys as well as by using data from public registers and other information systems.