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Number of trips made around Latvia in 2020 has dropped by 40.9 %

According to the latest data of the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) in 2020 Latvian residents made 6.2 million trips around Latvia, which is 40.9 % less than a year ago, and spent EUR 204 million, which is 43.8 % less. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic, the previously planned trips around Latvia were cancelled by 21.6 % of respondents.

Trips around Latvia were mostly made by own car and less often residents stayed for overnight at relatives, friends

Last year Latvian residents went on 4.8 million same-day trips around Latvia, which is 39.5 % less than a year ago. Mostly (31 %) residents went to Pierīga. Trips to Kurzeme comprised 15.7 %, to Riga – 15.5 % (a drop of 5.1 %), to Vidzeme – 14.2 %, to Latgale – 11.9 %, to Zemgale – 11.7 %. Excluding Riga other popular destinations for same-day trips were Jūrmala (7.8 %), Sigulda municipality (4.1 %), Valmiera (3.8 %), Liepāja (3.2 %), Tukums municipality (3.1 %) and Jelgava (3.0 %).

In total EUR 128.5 million were spent in same-day trips, which is 42.1 % less than a year ago. Most of the money was spent on purchases (31.4 %), transport (30.1 %), catering services (14.5 %), entertainment and cultural activities (5.9 %) and other expenses (18.1 %). Average expenditure per day comprised EUR 26.8, which decreased by EUR 1.2.

The number of overnight trips around Latvia amounted to 1.4 million last year, which is 45.3 % less than in 2019. Share of overnight trips to Riga as a destination reduced by 5 % and comprised only 8.1 %. Most popular destination the same as in same-day trips was Pierīga – 24.7 %, followed by Kurzeme (23.7 %), Latgale (20.3 %), Vidzeme (14.3 %) and Zemgale (9 %). Other mostly visited cities and municipalities were Daugavpils (4.9 %), Liepāja (4 %), Jūrmala (3.3 %), Talsi municipality (3.2 %), Kuldīga and Cēsis municipalities (3.1 %).

Even though visits to friends and relatives still was the most popular purpose of the trip (47 % out of all trips), its share reduced significantly (by 19 %). 42.6 % of the trips were recreational trips (share increased by 17 %), in turn, 10.4 % of trips were made with another personal or business purpose.

Last year passenger car or motorcycle was used in 87.5 % of trips (increase of 7.3 %), 7.9 % of trips were made by bus (fall of 6.2 %) and 4.1 % – by train (drop of 1.2 %).

Expenditure on overnight trips reached EUR 75.5 million last year, which is 46.6 % less than in 2019. Most of the money was spent on transport (26.5 %), accommodation (24.7 %), catering services (16 %), entertainment and cultural activities (3.8 %) and other expenses (29 %).

Compared to 2019, main differences in expenditure by the share of their category is rise of 9.8 % on expenditure for accommodation and reduction of 4.3% on expenditure for recreation and culture. Expenditure for accommodation increased as share of the number of trips when residents preferred to stay overnight in accommodation for a fee rose by 9.4 %. Residents less often stayed overnight at homes of relatives or friends, share of this type of accommodation reduced by 22.6 %.

Average expenditure on domestic tourism trip last year comprised EUR 55.2, decreasing by EUR 1.3 as compared to the previous year. Average expenditure per day comprised EUR 18.5, which is EUR 5.9 less than in 2019.

In 2020, 4.1 million nights were spent in domestic tourism trips, which is 29.5 % less than a year ago. Average length of a stay during a trip was 3 days – 0.7 days more than in 2019.

Women (54.6 %), residents aged 25-34 years (25.4 %), residents with higher education (51.8 %) and employed (76.2 %) mostly went on overnight domestic tourism trips.

Impact of Covid-19 on collection of data on trips in 2020:

The survey on recreation and business trips of Latvian residents is carried out every month, surveying persons from thousand households that are aged 15 years and more and that are living in private dwellings. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 pandemic and the emergency situation declared in the country by the government on 12 March surveying was stopped and data on trips made in the 2nd quarter of 2020 were not acquired. Even though restrictions declared in the country significantly affected travelling options, namely, going on trips abroad, visiting relatives and friends in Latvia, culture and sports events did not take place, residents still could go for walks outdoors. As of May 15, possibility to freely cross inner borders of the Baltic states was restored.


Data and sources used in the estimate of trips made in the 2nd quarter:

  1. data on the 3rd quarter of 2020 of the CSB Survey on recreation and business trips and trend of the survey seasonality;

  2. impact of restrictions declared in Latvia on purpose, destination, expenditure positions and other indicators of the trip;

  3. CSB data on resident visitors hosted and nights spent by them in hotels and similar establishments in Latvia;

  4. CSB experimental statistics data on the number of resident visitors and nights spent by them in apartments and holiday homes registered in booking platform;

  5. Latvian State Roads traffic intensity accounting data;

  6. quarterly trend in Travelling survey data of Estonian residents in 2020.

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