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Areas with highest density of elderly inhabitants

In response to the call for special protection of elderly population during COVID-19 restrictions, Central Statistical Bureau has drawn up a map depicting densely populated areas in which share of people aged 65 and over exceeds 30 %.

Map - Densely populated areas (at least 50 usual residents)

At the beginning of 2019, out of 1187 populated areas (with at least 50 residents) there were 55 areas in which share of elderly population exceeded 30 %, i.e., each third resident in these areas was aged 65 and over. The proportion of inhabitants aged 65 and over in Latvia accounts for on average 20 %.

The highest share of elderly population may be observed in 15 densely populated areas in which care institutions for elderly are located – Ziedugravas (92 %), Liepkalnes skola (84 %), social care centre “Siltais” (82 %), Rokaiži (82 %), Gatarta old people's home (73 %), Mežmalieši (66 %), Rauda (64 %), Salenieki in Aglona municipality rural territory (63 %), nursing home “Valtaiķi” (63 %), Urga (62 %), Landze (61 %), Lauciene old people's home (60 %), western part of Lutriņi (60 %), Īslīce old people's home (60 %), and Celmene (59 %).

Age structure of population in densely populated areas as well as boundaries thereof are published in Latvian Open Data Portal


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